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          Keep Your Car Running Safely on the Road.

At Church Farm Garage we are committed to delivering a good repair and maintenance service at a good price.

Whether your car is in need of a service or MOT please call our main office on 01603 811 715.

Even though we have over forty years’ experience in the motoring trade, we wanted to give you proof of our high standards of workmanship.

We joined the RMI’s Trust My Trader certification in 2012. This organisation performs a random spot check on our service every six months, making sure that our garage consistently delivers excellent customer satisfaction.

This means that you can rely on Church Farm Garage to repair your car, and you can leave your safety on the road in our capable hands.

Additionally we guarantee all repairs and replacements for 12 months after installation, so if you experience any problems with our work, simply come back and we’ll put things right for you at our own expense.

Whatever you need for your car - from simple repairs through to full engine overhauls and components - you can find it at Church Farm Garage.

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